Couples Ministry

This ministry focuses on married couples and the challenges they face maintaining a healthy, happy Orthdox Christian marriage. 

When and Where:

Ministry meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of each month at the home of Tom and Elaine Dorlis.  See calendar for updated meeting times and date and the address to the home of Tom and Elaine. 

Meetings begin at 7:00pm with some social time.  Facilitated discussion begins at 7:20pm and ends at 8:15pm (see Meeting Norms below).

Ministry Goals:

This ministry has two goals, both of which should lead to a spiritually healthier and stronger parish: 

  • Faith: To help couples to grow in their relationships with Christ and with each other.
  • Social: To provide an opportunity for couples of our parish to get to know each other better through social time and discussion. 

Meeting Norms:

To help us focus our time together and provide opportunities for rich, focused discussion the following meeting norms have been established:

  • To establish trust, what is said at the meeting stays at the meeting.
  • Judgment is left at the door and not welcome to attend this ministry.
  • Every voice in the room has a right to be heard and is encouraged.
  • Listening is just as important as speaking.
  • The intent of the discussion is not to share personal information unless comfortable doing so.
  • We commit to starting and ending each meeting on time. The end time can be extended by consent of the group. 

Upcoming and Past Meeting Discussion Resources:

  • Meeting 2 (to be held on February 7, 2019)

Discussion will center on "The Trench" episode "Being Married"

  • Meeting 1 (held on January 3, 2019):

Discussion was held centered around "The Trench" episode "Why Relationships Matter"

Other Resouces Available:

Please note - resources may require password access.  Access is limited to the parishioners of St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Bakesfield, CA.  Contact for password. 


Upcoming Events

Family Camp
Jan 18
Life Giving Spring Monastery
Jan 22 6 pm
Inquirer Class
Jan 22 6:30 pm
Jan 23 6 pm
Jan 24 6 pm
Parish Council Meeting
Jan 24 7 pm
Divine Liturgy
Jan 25 10 am

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