Solar Panel Project

In the General Assembly meeting of Sunday, August 28, a motion was made and approved to install solar panels on a shade structure in the south end of our parking lot.  

Why Go Solar?

  • As a community we currently pay approximately $16,000 per year in electricity costs.  While air conditioning and heating are the primary cost factors, refrigeration and lighting are also areas of costs.   
  • We are looking at a 32.5 kilowatt system. 
  • Based on current electricity rates, we anticipate a savings of $14,864 in the first year. 
    • This is based on a 77% reduction in the amount of electricity purchased from PG&E
    • As our electricity usage is based on Time of Use, we anticipate our per kilowatt hour costs to decrease from $0.21 to $0.01.
  • Electricity rates are anticipated to rise an average of 3% per year. 
  • Over 25 years, it is estimated that our average annual savings will be $22,308, or $557,704 over the expected life of the system. 

We are currently in the process of obtaining bids for this work, and are looking at a cost of approximately $100,000

Plans showing Solar Panel Placement

What can we do with the savings? 

A number of options become possible, such as hiring a part time youth director or saving money for capital repairs and improvements to our aging facilities, and general church beautification.   

How can we all help? 

Being able to pay for his system up front helps us to realize the savings immediately, and helps to move our parish forward.  

If you are willing to help contribute, please click on the link below to complete the attached form and mail to our church office at

I want to contribute to our Solar Energy Project!

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